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Our Story

You’ve spent years building a reputation and decades putting together and carefully editing your wardrobe. You’ve put thought into the boots to pair with which jeans, the accessory to pair with which outfit.

And then you had a baby.

You brought your same keen eye for style and quality to shopping for kid gear, but the options were lacking and the gear can have style? We created BAEBI to fill the void we saw in the market: baby gear with fashion AND function. Our goal was to create one carrier that ticks every box—no add-ons, big check books, or infant inserts needed.

BAEBI isn’t about us, it’s about you. Truly. Modern families care about quality products with good looks—we designed the INOMI carrier for busy parents who want to add a stylish, functional accessory to their day-to-day wardrobe. As parents ourselves, we saw that nothing like what we wanted existed, so we spent years creating EXACTLY what we were looking for. We also focused on creating the most feature-rich carrier on the market, made from premium materials—at an all-in price. By offering INOMI as a direct-to-consumer product, we’ve been able to invest more in giving you the best product without charging absurd prices.

 BAEBI: fashion x functionality


“After years of design and development, the INOMI baby carrier was born. Beyond good looks, the INOMI carrier delivers innovative features and premium materials, without costing you your first-born child. We hope you love looking at it—and using it—as much as we do!” — Neil, Co-founder

“Our goal is simple: to redefine baby gear with features that matter, but with a fashionable edge. We want you to feel like this represents who you are, your style, your story.  At BAEBI, we believe in the benefits of closeness and baby-wearing, but we also believe that you, as an individual and a parent, don't need to compromise on fashion or function.” — Kim, Co-founder

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