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We design with you in mind, not profit.

We design with you in mind, not profit.

We believe that fashion and function are not mutually exclusive and that profits should never drive design

Detachable clamshell utilizing a natural range of motion

From the beginning, we focused on developing a detachable mechanism that mimicked the natural movements of a parent supporting the weight of their child as they lay them down. We tested many different detachment motions and designs, including push, pull, side, bottom, and top releases, eventually settling on a design that provides the simplest and safest range of motion.

With safety top of mind, we partnered with the world’s leading buckle manufacturer, Duraflex, to develop our Quick Release Connector. Working with their world class engineering team, we developed a connector that can support up to 96 pounds of force.

Airflow channels inspired by outdoor backpacks

Overheating is never cool, and since getting too hot is so common while wearing most carriers, it was at the top of our list of problems to solve with the INOMI. Our quilted-clamshell lining was inspired by technical hiking backpacks, which utilize raised padded cushions to elevate the main backpack panel away from the body, creating space for airflow so that you can stay cool.

We used a cross stitching technique with different foams and cotton battings to create airflow channels that would allow air to circulate between baby and carrier, keeping baby from getting hot, sweaty, and fussy. These airflow channels also keep mom and dad from getting hot, sweaty, and fussy, making for a much happier family, and more smiling Instagram photos.

Ridiculous amounts of pockets for your on-the-go needs

Storage has always been a hot topic with baby carriers and on our minds since the INOMI’s first design drawing. When it came to sufficient storage, baby carriers just weren’t delivering.

So, we got thinking—when we are out and about, what do we bring with us? Keys, credit cards, money, phone (obviously for selfies with our main squeeze!), and other necessities to keep us looking on point. One middle pocket that all the other baby carriers provide wasn’t going to cut it.

The INOMI carrier has four individual pockets. The waist belt contains a five-inch pocket that has an elastic security cover to safeguard important belongings like keys, credit cards, cash, etc. On the opposite side, there is a seven-inch pocket, which is perfect for your phone. If that wasn’t enough, the clamshell contains dual-overlapping pockets featuring a stylish, metallic-bronze finish (you’ll probably think that the zippers are metal, but we opted for plastic zippers instead so that you don’t scratch your hands-on metal zipper teeth).

No infant insert needed here

Many carriers require you to pay more for an infant insert. We don’t.

Beyond cost, we wanted to minimize the amount of additional stuff parents have to remember to pack, wash, and maintain. With this in mind, we built in the Grow-with-MI seat and swaddle panels. If you have a newborn, you can use the seat to prop up your infant and utilize the swaddle panels to create a nice cozy environment so they feel right at home. If your baby is bigger, just snap down the swaddle panels and utilize the velcro strip to attach the adjustable seat to the bottom of the carrier and you’ll never know that they are even there. No matter your baby’s age or stage, we’ve got you covered.

Parent harness that bears the weight so you don’t have to

The INOMI’s shoulder straps and waist belt combine hundreds of years of proven backpack technology to bring you the most comfortable design possible.

The shoulder straps are made from a combination of dense and plush foam, which keeps them from losing shape and digging into your shoulders. We also considered the needs of breastfeeding mothers and designed the shoulder straps to contour away from the chest, making the carrier more comfortable for moms. The contouring of the shoulder straps follows the natural curvature of the body, which makes for a more comfortable experience all around.

Likewise, the INOMI’s waist belt is layered with the same dense structured foam and plush foam as the shoulder straps are, which creates a sturdy yet comfortable waist belt that optimally distributes the baby’s weight throughout the hips. This is where the majority of the baby’s weight should be located, eliminating all that pressure on the shoulders.

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